How to Build a Basic Website


If you are starting a business and want to create an online presence, then you need to have a website. Otherwise, you can lose many opportunities for your business since most people search the internet for products and services.

A professional website is essential for any size of business in today’s digital world If potential customers have heard good things about your company or services, they will still do an online research before going to you. Websites are accessible worldwide and any potential customer can reach you in a second through your website. Thus, if you want to increase your online visibility, you need a professional, credible and quality website. This can help you create a customer base to help your company grow.

All professional websites are built differently. Some websites are easy and some are challenging. Below is a guide to building a basic website that can help you to know what is involved in creating a successful website for your business.

You first need to select a website platform. You can use HTML and other platforms. Content management systems can help you build and manage your professional website instead of using other platforms that rely heavily on difficult codes. Content management systems are user-friendly and simply platforms. You don’t need coding skills to use this. So, even if you are not a programmer, you can still make an excellent website using CMS platform. It will save your time and effort but still have a great result. Get these useful ideas here!

The three most popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. The most popular, easiest, flexible, robust, responsive, and cost-effective CMS platform is WordPress. There is also a massive support community that can help you find answers to any questions you get.

You also need to get a domain name and a web hosting before setting up your new website. A domain name is your web address. It represents your business or company name. A domain name should be memorable relevant, and catchy.

Web hosting is renting space on the web that store web files and displays those files to website visitors. With out these, you cannot create a website. You can find many reliable web hosting providers. You can get a domain name and hosting from them. Make sure the hosting company offers 100% uptime and 24/7 customer service. Without customer service, you can lose your revenue if your site crashes.

Now that you have a domain name and web host, you need to install and configure CMS to your domain. The steps include logging in to your hosting account, going to your control panel and looking for the website, selecting the domain where you need to install your website and clicking install to access your new WordPress website. Then select a theme and click on install button. Your selected theme defines the feel and look of your website. Check this useful website to know more!

With your theme installed, you can now create your pages and content. You can add, edit, and delete any text, images, and links. To know more about web design, visit this website at


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